Teachers at Eaglebrook

Eaglebrook faculty are caring, thoughtful educators who are dedicated to fostering the growth 和 learning of middle school boys in grades 6, 7, 8和9. These professionals are fully engaged in all aspects of school life: academics, 体育运动, 住宅, 和 extra-curricular, 和 they seek to nurture students in all these areas in developmentally appropriate ways. Eaglebrook teachers support this direct work with students by developing strong open relationships with 父母 in order for the school 和 family to work together as a team.

Eaglebrook faculty members underst和 that early adolescence is a unique period of significant learning 和 growth for young adults that requires a caring, student-centered approach. They underst和 that boys this age need patience 和 underst和ing as well as structure 和 guidance, 和 they foster the boys' growth in close collaboration 和 communication with 父母. Their work with students is constantly refined based on the lessons of practice, collaboration with colleagues, 和研究. Eaglebrook faculty are the engine room of the Eaglebrook Center for Middle School Teaching 和 学习 as they research, 应用, 和 critique their approaches to aiding adolescent learning 和 then share what they have learned with their colleagues.

At the heart of all teaching, coaching, 和 advising at Eaglebrook are the school’s signal , the principles that animate the ethical 和 moral choices in all aspects of our lives, 学校的 核心技能, the competencies that we seek to teach 和 nurture in all facets of our students’ lives. The school offers many opportunities for professional growth within a close-knit, supportive community for educators.

Eaglebrook 教师 Skills & 心态

Eaglebrook desires 和 develops the following skills 和 mindsets in its faculty:

  • Belief in 和 commitment to principles of the school's 任务
  • 成长的心态
  • A commitment to self-reflective learning
  • Good Written 和 Verbal Communication Skills
  • Ability to Plan 和 Organize
  • Knowledge of Adolescent Behavior
  • 可接近性
  • 一致性
  • 合作性的
  • Knowledge of Subject Area
  • Knowledge of Adolescent Pedagogy
  • Knowledge of Sports that 教师 Coaches
  • Knowledge of Sound Coaching practice
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