Student 卫生服务

Eaglebrook学校 is dedicated to promoting the overall health and well-being of its students. We recognize the importance of addressing various aspects of wellness, 包括学者, 体育运动, 的关系, 与自然的联系, 应对和恢复力, 宿舍生活, 心理健康, 营养,and 物理 well-being. By integrating various components we aim to provide a comprehensive support system.  Our wellness program integrates internal and external resources, leveraging the expertise of our counselors, 保健中心工作人员, 教师宿舍, and the wider community. We strive to create an environment that promotes the optimal health and well-being of our students, ensuring their success both inside and outside the classroom.


  • 卫生服务

    The Health Service team is comprised of 护士, 辅导员, 体能训练师, 和一个医生, whose priority is the Holistic care of the Eaglebrook Student.

    The Health Center is located on the bottom floor of Baines. 护士 staff the center seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The 护士 dispense all medication and keep all students current with immunizations. They administer seasonal flu and weekly allergy shots. Students are always triaged first by the 护士 for illness or injury and then it is determined what course of treatment is required.
  • 体能训练师

    The 体能训练师 are responsible for all sports injuries and post-injury care and rehab. They are at all practices and games. The ATs work on pre-season conditioning as well as managing sports concussions.
  • 咨询服务

    Eaglebrook has counselors on staff for scheduled appointments and for emergencies. Students can request appointments or they may be referred to the counselors by 父母, faculty or other health professionals.
  • 卫生服务 Director

    The Health Service Director works as a nurse, 临床资源, 沟通者, 管理员, and facilitator for all aspects affecting the daily operations of 卫生服务.
  • 护士

    护士 staff the Health Center seven days a week, twenty-four a day. The nurses manage all medications, immunizations, allergy shots, and medical care, acute or chronic. The nurses are responsible for arranging appointments with the school physician and all off-campus specialists.
  • Physician/医疗主任

    Eaglebrook学校 has a Physician on staff for the care of the students. He has on-campus appointments during the week. He is available for consultations with the nurses, counselors, and 体能训练师.



  • 韦恩 Hioe的照片

    Dr. 韦恩 Hioe  

    (413) 774-9269
  • Photo of 卡拉 钱德勒博士,注册会计师,CNL

    夫人. 卡拉 钱德勒博士,注册会计师,CNL 

    Director of 卫生服务
    (413) 774-9266
Health Center Phone Number:
(413) 774-9181

(413) 774-9297


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